Improve your PTE Writing scores quickly

How To Improve Your PTE Writing Score

PTE Writing can be the most intimidating and challenging section of PTE for some people. But, with PTE writing tricks and tips, it can be effortless and manageable. Most of the time, writing can be difficult even for native English speakers, but if you know the right strategies and way to write, it can be the easiest task.

PTE Writing TIps

5 Tips To Improve Your PTE Writing Score

 1. Specific Requirements for PTE academic writing Tasks:

Writing is the second section of PTE, and it has two different types of questions.

a. Summarize Written Text:10 mins/ Summary, 5-75 words.

b. Essay: 20 mins/ Essay, 200-300 words, 1-2 Essay

In order to do well in these two questions, the first most crucial thing is to take care of the individual requirements set by the PTE. For example; if you are writing a summary

you should know that. you have to write it as per these requirements that have been mentioned above. It is the same case with writing essays. Now it is very important to know that by not following these requirements. There will be negative marking in your scores straightaway, so it is the first step to start writing.

One other thing to notice in writing is the trick by PTE that they will not let you know about these basic mistakes. For example, if you are writing below and over the limit, it will not be highlighted. Hence, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are following all the requirements.

As the word limit will be given at the end of each task, so make sure that you are writing in that given limit. One other example of these requirements is that you have to write your summary by using only one sentence. If you write more than one sentence, it will not be up to the requirement, and you will lose a lot of points.

2. Time Management is the key.


When it comes to PTE writing marks distributions, the first and foremost important thing to take care of is your time management because if you are not able to manage your time, you will never be able to complete your writing section. Hence, time management is a significant key to avoid PTE low score in writing.

 3. Always Plan your key ideas and points before start writing

Another important tip for improving your writing is to spare some time still to plan before start writing. It will not only help you to write well, as you will know precisely what you are going to write, but will save you time too. So always plan your ideas first about the given topic.

The next step is to extend your thoughts and write in a logical and supporting way. There are two different types of tasks given in the PTE. In both of them, you need to plan in a different way.

For example, in Summarise Written text. you should find out the main idea sentences in which they are highlighting the main topic. so in your plan timings, you should quickly highlight those sentences. Similarly, in an essay writing task. you should plan your ideas on that topic and how you are going to justify them with the relevant examples and arguments.

 4. Use Advanced Structures and Good Vocabulary Words

To secure a higher score in Writing of PTE, you need to understand that a portion of it is just allocated for structures and good vocabulary words.  Needless to say, without using advanced writing structures and good vocabulary words, it is next to impossible to get a perfect 90 in the Writing module of PTE. And that is why it is important to have a good vocabulary for PTE writing.

The next important tip is to use a format for writing. For instance, for writing an essay, you should know the format for an essay for academic writing. A sample for it is given below….

Apart from the format, another thing to take care of in writing is to understand the type of essay. As there are three different types of essays in PTE. Those are called Opinion based, problem and the solution, and giving Opinion on both sides of any topic. So writing in the right type will help you to enhance your scores in writing too.

5. Self- Improvement and Proof Reading is crucial

Last but not least, to enhance your writing, you should always try to brush up your knowledge in the English language. This can be done by memorizing new vocabulary words and by learning new advanced ways and structures of writing.

You should still spare some time for proofreading. It will save you approximately one level of improvement in your scores. so still, spare two minutes to correct that if you have made any silly grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

Apart from all these tips and tricks to score well in writing there are some other general things to take care of in the Writing section. such as writing cohesion, written discourse, and showing a variety of lexical words.

For example, using the synonyms for the words that you have to use more than once in your writing. So with the structures and using diverse ideas, it is also very important to show the variety of words to write the same idea.

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