7 things to avoid in order to get 79+ In PTE

7 Things To Avoid In Order To Get 79+ In PTE

When it comes to getting 79+ in PTE, Everyone is concerned about what to do, and how to do it. In this article, we explain things to avoid in order to get 79+ in PTE Academic test and how you can overcome these hurdles easily. Well, if you already are not aware of these crucial mistakes, you can have a look now.

Here is a list of 7 things to avoid in order to get 79+ in PTE

Part 1: Speaking and Writing

One of the most important modules in PTE is Speaking, to get 79+ you need to make sure you get maximum marks in this section, does not matter what is your target score, 6, 7 or 8. But your speaking target should be 90 all the times. There are plenty of ways to improve your speaking, but there are a few things you need to avoid as well. Now, here are the things one has to avoid in order to secure 79+ marks in Speaking.

To understand this, you need to get an understanding of the marking criteria for your Speaking Section. So, when you sit in the exam in PTE, your marks are 90 already, then when your test starts, you lose marks for your mistakes. Its like a negative marking scheme, so here your job is to secure your marks by avoiding mistakes.

Read Aloud

This is a question that appears as one of the first tasks in the PTE exam, and it is more important for reading scores. Now, you need to understand how, this question gives marks for each word for our reading, as we will be reading it. Here is a list to avoid in this particular question

  • wrong pronunciation
  • changing words
  • inserting words from your own
  • to rectify your mistake
  • taking unnatural pauses

Repeat Sentences

The second most important question that contributes towards our listening section is the repeat sentence. To get the maximum marks from this question, its necessary to get an idea about its marking scheme as well. So, this question has partial marking, it means that you do not need to worry a lot if you could not get the whole sentence from the script. Try to repeat that part which you can recall at that time, because you will be getting marks for each correct word. Here are some checklists to avoid doing this task to score 79+.

  • recalling information
  • taking notes for full words

Things to Avoid in Writing

Another pivotal section in our PTE is the Writing section, so to get good marks for this task is you have to take care of certain things too.

  • spelling mistakes
  • repeating the same words
  • repeating same ideas
  • making grammar mistakes
  • making spelling mistakes
  • writing too much, till your maximum limit
  • writing off topic

Part 2: Reading

Just like other modules in reading too you need to avoid certain things in an attempt to enhance their scores.

  • spending too much time on any particular question
  • to overlook the importance of context
  • try to manage your time efficiently
  • overlook the importance of tenses and grammar
  • not wasting too much time on re-reading sentences
  • spending too much time on words you don’t understand
  • answering with words you don’t understand

Things to Avoid in Listening

Last but not least, we have to take care of our listening section, that comes in the last of our test. If you do not know, I would like to give you some information about it. After three sections in PTE one gets this section and before this section, there is an optional break for 10 minutes.

Now when it comes to get 79+ in Listening, this break is of paramount significance. The most important thing in the listening section is absolute focus. And it could be beneficial to take a break before this part. Because if you lose your concentration for one minute your question is all gone. Here is a list of some key points on what you need to avoid to score 79+ in listening.

  • spending too much time after the audio
  • move on if you stuck on something
  • distracting yourself by looking at texts
  • taking too much notes
  • skipping optional break
  • getting distracted by other examiners
  • losing concentration

Things to avoid in General

For PTE you should be very careful about their pronunciation and fluency for speaking. Fluency does not mean that one has to be very fast but its all about the maintenance of your pace and sounding as natural as one can be, for pronunciation the words should be very distinct and easily detectable by the computer.

As this is a computer-based test, and the computer will not make an effort to understand your words, so be careful about your clarity. Time management is also very important as in two last sections Reading and Listening you will be given a comprehensive or collective time and you have to manage your time yourself. If you will not be able to manage it efficiently computer will not offer you some questions. Due to this, you will not be able to get 79+ marks for sure. So 79+ is possible only when we will be able to avoid these crucial mistakes in the PTE test.

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