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We love to do the hard work so that our students do not have to.
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At PTE Training Centre we provide with personal attention to individual students to help them in understanding the format of the PTE exam and how the exam is scored. We provide with daily lessons, weekly mock tests, one-on-one consultations with our students throughout their time with us.

If you need any assistance in improving your English Language skills, or reach your target score of 79+ in all bands. Look no further, at PTE Training Centre we will help you with all your PTE related concerns.

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Why Us

Planning on taking the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) to prove your English Skills as a university or college student? Don’t know where to start your PTE study or PTE practice?

At PTE Training Centre we can help you will all your PTE test related concerns.

Our Mission

To help each student grow their English Language Skills and practice together with our trainers to achieve their desired scores.

At PTE Training Centre we give our students personal attention throughout their time with us to help them grow their confidence and skill sets in order to crack the PTE test.


Our Service

We offer a one-time only trial class for free. Come join us during our session times to see how we are training our students. You will be amazed at the level of personal attention and concentration we provide with for each student.

Our 6 step process


Enrol & Receive Template Package

We have proven and beneficial strategies that will help any student achieve their desired score. With standard tips and templates given to each student after enrolment, we also provide with customized tricks to individual students based on their own strengths and weaknesses.


Attend Specialized Class to improve

Highly specialized classes assist in any student facing difficulty across all modules focusing on speaking, writing, reading or listening in each class. We take our time with each individual student, providing with separate skill sets.



Collect Daily Practice Materials from Class

We provide with custom made materials in every class helping students prepare, covering all tasks and 20 question types. Our classes usually run between 60 minutes to 120 minutes and we solve and discuss six to seven question types each day.


Book one-on-one Consultation

We provide with personal one-on-one attention to all our students helping them improve their skills Students are able to sit with tutors and discuss any issues including pre-test revision, and in-depth discussions of their skills, this usually is scheduled an hour before class.



Weekly Mock Tests to Assess your Skill

We conduct weekly mock tests to help develop a student’s confidence and assess their skills. We conduct specialised mock tests focusing separately on individual parts in order to assess individual student’s skill development as they progress with our course.


Book after class Session

After each class, we will be providing with personal feedback from our tutors. Some question types in PTE can be difficult to grasp and we do our absolute best to provide with through explanations to our students as there may not be any further confusion.


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