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PTE Score Guide : How PTE integrated score breakdown works?

How PTE integrated score breakdown works?

So you want to score 79 in PTE! Do you know how PTE integrated scoring breakdown works? Scoring highest marks in PTE depends on your undertanding of PTE integrated scoring brakdown.
Integrated breakdown means how a question from a single module can contribute marks into a different question type of a different module.
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PTE Test Preparation: Getting Started with PTE Preparation

Pre-PTE test Preparation: Getting Started with PTE

PTE Academic is an English language test for non-native students. Preparing for the PTE Academic test can become much easier when you know what to expect. The PTE exam will test your capabilities in four categories including: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. This gives you an opportunity to understand the structure of the exam well.

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7 Things To Avoid In Order To Get 79+ In PTE

7 things to avoid in order to get 79+ In PTE

What are the things you need to avoid in order to score 79+ in PTE? Everyone is so concerend about the things they need to do, but seldom focus on things they should avoid. At PTE training centre it is out promise to ensure the highest standard of training for you to achieve your desired score in PTE.

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Things to Avoid in PTE: 5 Things You Should Not Do, To Improve Speaking In PTE

What you Should Avoid In PTE to Improve Your Speaking

Despite focusing excessively on the to-do list, many of you tend to ignore the forbidden things when it comes to the speaking module in PTE. The general thumb rule for all speaking questions is to be orally fluent and pronouncing words in a clear and concise manner. But is that all?

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PTE Listening: Master at Summarize Spoken Text

Master at Summarize Spoken Text

For PTE Summarize Spoken Text you hear an audio recording and need to write a 50-70 word summary on what you heard. Like all Language tests, using proper grammar, forming complex sentences and the use of advanced vocabulary is very important attribute

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