Pre-PTE test Preparation: Getting Started with PTE

PTE Test Preparation: Getting Started with PTE Preparation

PTE Test Preparations can become much easier when you know what to expect. PTE Academic is an english language test for non-native students. You will be sitting for the test in a computer lab with 8-9 other examines.

The PTE exam will test your capabilities in four scorable categories including Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Like all English tests, you will be able to prepare for the PTE exam through various PTE training centers. This gives you an opportunity to understand the structure of the exam well. Also, preparing with experts can help with all your PTE preparation needs.

There are three parts to the PTE Academic Test including Speaking and Writing, Reading, and Listening. With proper PTE test preparation, it is easy to understand the question types and crack the scoring system. All the questions have an allocated scoring system with some question types being trickier than most.

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Part 1: Speaking & Writing

This part includes around 7 question types including various tasks. For example, Answer Short Questions where you will hear an audio clip of a question that you need to answer. Usually the answer is 1-3 words long. At first instance, this seems to be a daunting task. But with proper PTE preparation and PTE classes it becomes a simple task to finish. There are other question types as well that include task such as repeat sentence, summarize written text and describe image.

Part 2: Reading

Once the reading section starts you will be given an allocated time between 32-40 minutes. You are need to answer five questions. This includes a mixture of Fill in the blanks (three types), multiple choice questions and Re-Order Paragraphs. Adequate reading is not the only skill you require to score in this section.

Proper time management skills, critical thinking, strong vocabulary, reading speed, and proper PTE preparation is also required. With plenty of PTE tutorials in Melbourne, it is possible to practice these tasks and gradually improve. While the integrated scoring system is not too complex. It is important to understand the mark breakdown structure for each question type.

Part 3: Listening

Before the third part of the test begins, you are allowed to take a ten minute break. It is encouraged by most PTE study Centre’s to take this break and recharge. This section also comes with an overall allocated time between 45-57 minutes. This part of the test focuses on your listening abilities, as well as your writing depending on the question type. This section included questions like Highlight correct summary. As simple as the task might seem, some of the summaries can be confusing to test critical thinking.

With the PTE Academic test system, it is very important for you to understand the advantages and disadvantages to this test is completely computerized. This can prove to be a good or a bad thing for individual students. Time management skills is also a very important attribute needed to crack the PTE test; some questions will require more attention while some may not. And it is important to understand this breakdown so that test takers do not waste time and can use the time allocated to their full advantage.

Like all Language tests, using proper grammar, forming complex sentences and the use of advanced vocabulary is a very important attribute. It is important to develop these skills properly with adequate PTE practice. It is also important for you to study on your own.

We at PTE Training Centre can help with your various PTE related questions and concerns. Get expert-curated PTE test preparation material, mock tests, and more. We have trainers that will train you in a short time to help you achieve your desired scores. PTE Academic is just like any other exam, with proper guidance and preparation, it is easy to achieve your desired score. Schedule an appointment with one of our trainers today!

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PTE Listening: Master at Summarize Spoken Text
Master at Summarize Spoken Text

For PTE Summarize Spoken Text you hear an audio recording and need to write a 50-70 word summary on what you heard. Like all Language tests, using proper grammar, forming complex sentences and the use of advanced vocabulary is very important attribute